Hampi, Karnataka on a bycycle

This is what we did on Day 1 in Hampi, Karnataka

Three girls (me, Eshani and Ankita) on a three day trip to Hampi (Karnataka). The day started very early at 6:30am when we arrived at Hampi. An auto driver approached us as we got off the bus and he agreed to drop us to our hotel for Rs 200.

Ankita took his number just incase we needed a ride to the city or to hire him for the whole day. He turned out to be very helpful more than we had expected. On all three days, he came as soon as we called and took us around.

We reached our hotel, the Heritage Resort

Everything was planned by Eshani and Ankita, I was no where in the planning. I was just the third person as they say because this trip was supposed to be about both of them. Being cousins, Eshani thought it would be best for me to tag along since I needed a break badly.

We kept our luggage in the waiting area and discussed our plan for the day. Meanwhile, me and Eshani went for a swim and then all of got ready for breakfast.

Ankita called the auto driver and he arrived in 10mins. He dropped us off at the Hampi Bazar also known as the Sona Chandi Bazar.

The Vinayak Temple

We started by visiting the Vinayak Temple which was built by the British in 1856. I won’t say it was like the temples we visit in our daily routine but it was more like a fort cum temple. It had various blocks which we could see; one had an elephant as well, his name was Ganesha; the other blocks had pillars and carvings.



The entry ticket was Rs2 per person which was unbelievable but the use of camera was restricted to a fee of Rs 50.

As we went ahead, we met a man who was organising a four hour cycling tour for Rs 400 each which includes the cycle, the guide and all the historical places around Hampi Bazar.

We went ahead with the tour and got a cycle for each one of us. The tour guide has a motor bike and we were on cycles. It was a group of about ten people. He told us to follow him and as soon as we started we realised it was an uphill climb. The first to give up was Eshani then me and then Ankita.

Me and Eshani got off our cycles and walked all the way up. It wasn’t a very long road maybe about 600meters. We parked our cycles outside the temple and went in.

The temple has the largest Ganesha statue which was built in the 15th century for the Royals. The statue was 15 ft high and the trunk of the statue was broken by some invaders who came in search of wealth. The view from the temple was so beautiful.

After clicking a few pictures we went ahead. We took our bikes and followed the Guide.

The next stop was also a temple

Me and Eshani took Ice creams to eat which was so bad that I threw mine and she held on to hers. After a while I went to find a dustbin to bin her Ice cream and came back shouting that I couldnt find a place to throw it.

There was silence in the group and then I looked at the guide. He was so angry for disturbing the group like that. After which he completely disowned me and my friends which was good in a way because we weren’t interested in the history. “#angryyoungman” Ankita usually uses hashtags for such things.. this is something I learnt from her.

We went inside and clicked pictures. We were clicking random pictures of each other. The next stop was the bathing area for queens. It was a 15min ride which turned into a half an hour ride for me. For Eshani and Ankita, it was a 45min ride as Eshani was having troubles going up hill.


Eshani, look at you smile.. we can see the pain behind that smile.. haha

The view was beautiful but the uphill ride in intervals was making it difficult. The bathing area was such a disappointment after travelling so much. I even told the guide that we came so far for an empty bathing area.. It had no water and he just stared me and laughed.

We sat there for a while to re-gain energy. The next stop was another temple which was 5mins away. It had a view from the top which had about 20 steps. We went up took pictures and came down. Then we got separated from the group and started making boomerangs. This was the first time I was making a boomerang. It was fun but by this time we were tired.

Greenery all around us with the wind blowing was making our experience even better, however, we decided to skip the last temple and go back to the Bazar.

We skipped the last temple and took our bikes went back to the bazar.

We had inquired about eating joints before hand and were told about a very famous place to eat in the bazar, the Mango tree. The restaurant was full and the waiting time was an hour so we decided to go back to the hotel.

We called the auto driver, he was busy so we got another auto and as usual Ankita was bargaining by repeating her usual lines.


It was almost 4pm by then and buffet was about to close. We had lunch and went to our room.

The tour turned out to be an amazing experience. Riding a bike after so many years was fun, reminded us of our childhood days but we were much fitter back then.

Here’s what we did on Day 2