Travel or stay home- A war that never ends.

How many times have you had an argument with your parents about travel?

I don’t know how much of this travel blog is inspired by the movie PINK that I saw yesterday evening. It is a must watch for everyone including our parents.

Coincidentally, my friend told me about her fight with her mom just before going for the movie. The lines her mom used were- I don’t like your behavior, you always plan a trip without asking me, you are in office one month and the next month you disappear.

She replied, mom I am 25 and I will never be 25 ever again. It is a very sensitive yet beautiful age where a girl just wants to live her life without any stress. We are going through a priceless process of figuring out what we want to do.

Every girl out there wants to tell her mom that we do not travel because we like fighting with you or shouting or arguing at home. We do not travel because we want to stress you out or give you sleepless nights when we are away.

We travel because we are still finding ourselves. Everyone says the world out there is cruel, no doubt it is cruel but if you keep protecting us how will we ever know. We travel because we want to face the reality and see the extent of cruelty. By this, we are not throwing ourselves in danger but want to grow up to be independent girls.

You have protected us for the longest time. I think it’s about time that we grow up and take responsibility for our actions rather than blaming it on you. You have taught us well and we won’t let you down.

From the day we were born, we have been taught to eat a certain way, to stand a certain way and even to dress a certain way. I have been taught these very same things. I am not emphasizing that we forget what has been taught to us and become a whole new person. All I am saying is that mom, I like travelling. I have done my share of making plans which didn’t work out as expected.

Every girl at some point thought she would meet her prince charming before she turned 25. I also imagined something similar.

When I was 17, I had a plan for how my life would go. I would meet my husband-to-be in college, and soon after my masters, we would get married, buy a house, buy a car and have 2 kids- all by the time I was 25.

As it turns out, I am 25 and single. I don’t have much to look back on because I was busy making plans at 17 when it was not needed. The point is, if I have learned anything in from the past it is, life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

To all the mothers, worrying is a part of life and I won’t tell you to stop worrying about us. I will only tell you to let us learn from our mistakes. We want to travel because it makes us happy. We are not going to come home with a boy if that is what worries you because that worries us too.

We want to have a learning experience by asking you for permission. We are asking you to let us own a few years of our lives so that when one day when we are probably 35, have a husband and 2 kids, we don’t have to regret a thing.

Travelling is a learning experience!

It teaches you what the real world won’t teach you. For me, the real world is about leaving your comfort zone and experiencing unknown things- new places, new people, new customs, etc.

It teaches you to be more patient. The biggest experience I have had is that it’s ok to wait in a queue. If something happens to go wrong, to be patient when seeking help. It also teaches you to live simply. Believe it or not, you can actually survive with very little and just be fine.

When travelling alone, you have to befriend strangers which is the hardest part. Not everyone you meet has the same opinion or thinks alike but you still enjoy their company.

Returning from a trip, new perspective is gained. A home cooked meal will mean so much to you. The person who smiled at you from across the street will become your best friend. Seeing a statue will remind you of the monuments you just visited on your trip. It is really the small things that give us joy in life. Travelling is one way to learn this.

In short, travelling prepares you for everything that is about to come your way moving ahead in life.

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