Goa with a different view

How many times can one go to Goa?

I’ve been to Goa twice but something was different this time. It has something to do with perspective I guess. It is always the way you look at things that gives it more power.

A coin has two sides. Similarly, Goa has two sides not only geographically but in other ways. One: the sober side where people explore the city and relax; second: the ones who arrive with the fedoras, reflective aviators, fluorescent clothes and drive around in a rented four by four bursting “Dil Chahta Hai” (a bollywood movie) at high decibels.

The latter matched our description the best. A group of 9 people who were here only to enjoy, in the most literal sense to drink by the beach, attend a beach party, eat and repeat. This view of Goa is known to everyone out there.

I wonder why is it so difficult to think of Goa beyond beaches? Even while planning our trip a month ago, we would close our eyes and just imagine ourselves sitting by the beach with some chilled beer, However my last day in Goa changed it all.

Any one who reads my blog would have done the same in Goa but what I want to share is a different view/a different perspective.

Basically, Goa and its sober beauty.

The last day in Goa started out as a lazy day when I decided not to drink and take it easy. Specially after the 9 bruises I had managed to get in the last three days. I got up with the thought of visiting south Goa but couldn’t make it as I chose to sleep for a while. By the time I got up it was 1pm. It wasn’t too late to head out since our flight back to Delhi was at 1 am.  The only three sober people decided to go out and explore and I decided to join them. That was the best decision I made on my trip to Goa.

We were staying at this beautiful luxury apartment that we rented from Airbnb.  It was just minutes away from Dona Paula and Miramar beach. We went to Miramar at 1pm which wasn’t such a good idea considering it was a bright sunny day. As we crossed the beach, we found a resort on one side and two of us were climbing the little boundary wall to see whats happening on the other side. To our surprise, the hotel staff felt threatened  and told us not to peak in. We continued with our walk and reached the road.


We bought a bottle of water from a restaurant for Rs 40 which was a big deal considering we entered Goa just hours after the announcement that 500 and 1000 rupee notes are being banned. Fortunately, Goa was kind enough to help us through this and accepted whatever currency notes we had to offer.

Walking ahead we looked at a few cafes and found a bakery where we ordered sandwiches and ice tea. I don’t clearly remember the name of the bakery. It was right outside the beach. The only two things that I remember are the amazingly tasty ice tea and the not so tasty chocolate shake.

We decided to go to the nearby market to buy a few things for our parents. The market area seemed familiar to us as we were here to visit the church a day before. Immediately the thought of revisiting the church occurred to us.


Upon reaching, we took the back stairs to the Immaculate Conception Church and went and sat inside only to notice a wedding going on. It was a little embarrassing considering we were dressed in shorts and everyone else was dressed for the occasion. We came out after 5 minutes and saw a notice which read that the church will remain closed for visitors today. It was kind of fun as we just went in unknowingly with an innocent intention of having witnessed a christian wedding while everyone else standing outside was disappointed. That moment when you get to do something no else got to do leads you into a happy state and a random picture like this one below.


Driving around in some lane in Goa with Portuguese houses all around you.We got lost in some colony and found another church which was a few steps up. Parked our car and started going up the stairs. As we reached the road, their was an art gallery. A very pretty looking art gallery with a Portuguese cafe, cafe el fresco





It had a beautiful garden out in the front with stairs on both sides that lead you up to the gallery. You are greeted with exquisite bouquet on a well polished table with a white top. It was nothing less than a fairy tale house in blue color. All elements that make up a good looking, jaw dropping pretty house.


The kind of art that the gallery had was definitely something none of us had witnessed ever before. It was based on the primitive suppressed feelings of people. I took some really nice pictures of both the art and the pretty looking blue color art gallery.


There was a small cafe inside. The menu had something called the Vietnamese iced cold coffee. We hadn’t heard of it before so decided to try it out.Believe me when I say that it is a must try. I can still taste the white chocolate at the bottom of the cup with coffee and caramel inside.


As we went back crossing the stairs, I took pictures of the three boys with me. It was as if I was their photographer. And, like any good photographer, I even took a few pictures of them standing in the jeep. Then I hopped on and we rode back to our apartment.


As much as I want to keep writing more about my sober day and exploring the city but sadly it had to end and even though we don’t believe in happy endings.

This particular day did have a happy ending. It might be hard to describe how and the three people I went with that day might or might not feel the same but Goa is beautiful with or without its beaches.