What we did in Shimla

The best two days in Shimla

Us sisters, off to Shimla for the Founders Day and Carnival at Auckland House School where we quite literally spent 8 super amazing years of our childhood from 1997 to 2004.

Going back to school after 14 years got us so excited that we couldn’t sleep the night before. We started our journey from Delhi at 5 AM on Friday hoping to reach by 11 AM for the Founders Day but traffic had other plans for us and we didn’t make it in time. 

Finally entered the Radisson Hotel, Shimla at 2:15 PM, after a 9 hour long journey. To our surprise, the hotel was 500 meters from our school. And, as soon as we saw the school gate, we got so excited that we missed the turn, lol. So many memories rushed through our head in one second; remembering our school days running up the slope after basketball practice. 

We decided to go to the mall road in the evening and even though the weather forecast said it was going to be sunny all day, it started raining just in between our conversation of whether to take the car to the mall road or take a taxi. As female travelers, we needed to make sure we got back safe. But the brave souls that we are, we took our car, parked it near the lift and took the lift to the mall road. 

Bought two king size umbrellas from the very first shop. We visited every shop from our childhood days. We went up to the ridge looking and memorizing every little detail in our head. 

While walking up towards the church, we found a perfect spot for our photo session with a perfectly colourful background. It was the beautiful sunset with all shades of pink and orange that made for the best natural light.

We had dinner at the Hide Out cafe on the mall road followed by some shopping from Emerge. They had such cool trippy things on display. It was almost 9 PM and we decided to head back to the hotel.

On our way down, we decided to hold one umbrella each on our way to the car just incase we feel scared. As female travelers, we need to be careful and protect ourselves from any kind of danger. 

We reached back to the hotel safe and sound, got in bed, put on a nice movie and enjoyed our night in. 

Got up early next morning and went for a hotel tour along with breakfast buffet which was pretty amazing btw. 

We took a drop till the school gate and started walking up the slope. It was like all memories coming back to us. We were discussing how we would climb up in 2minutes and how it was taking us forever to go up now. We entered the school gate and saw every one in the school uniform. Everything looked so good and it was almost as if we hadn’t ever left. It felt like we were back home. 

We met all our teachers, kitchen staff and the principal. They were so happy to see us and remembered us very well. So many memories attached to the school. We promised them we would come back again soon. 

We left from Shimla at 12 PM and reached back home at 9:45 PM. It was a long journey back but totally worth everything. 

We’re just glad we decided to go and it was such a impromptu decision that we took. We booked the hotel just a few days before and luckily got a good deal @INR 7200 for a room including breakfast. Our total trip costed INR 8000 per person(inclusive of Food, Petrol, SightSeeing, Parking and Hotel)