What did we do on our 2nd day in Hampi

Day 2 in Hampi(Karnataka), we went to the other side of the river. Eshani, Ankita and me, we bargained and managed to get an auto for 250rs each. There were two of them in the auto; one the auto driver and the other you can say was the guide. His name was Naveen.

The first stop was the Monkey Temple.

We were kind of done with temples since we had already visited plenty of them, a day earlier. Hesitant at first, he managed to convince us and specially Eshani to take 600 steps to go visit a temple. The point which he made was, you would have never seen a view so beautiful. You can see the whole city from the top.

Step-by-step we managed to climb the first 250 steps and then stopped to re gain our breath. The view was starting to get better with every step. In that moment, I actually spotted the same scenery we created as children. Remember, every time we were told to make a scenery we would draw mountains and a river flowing between them. You will be surprised to know that it actually exists. It was not just our imagination and if you all want to feel the excitement that i felt in that one moment. You should also visit Hampi at least once.  It was the exact same scenery but in reality.


We were each other’s personal photographers for the trip. I was their personal photographer and both of them were mine. We took random pictures of each other on our way up. We had to stop again and again as we were not used to so much exercise.

I started counting the stairs. This was my technique to handle my breathlessness. It helped me go on without having to think how many more to go. The way up was more than just tiredness because the crowd wasn’t so decent either. Some cheap comments and a lot of stares from the crowd had us taken a back.

At least I was under the impression that people in South India are decent. For me it was shocking but I guess it is the same everywhere. Anyways we managed to reach the top.

Me and Eshani sat on the stairs beside the shoe rack. Her face was red due to so much climbing and she wanted to rest a little. We immediately told Naveen that we will not be visiting the temple. We went to the huge Boulders and sat on one. Naveen took a few photos of all three of us watching the view.

We sat there for a while just looking at the view. None of us had ever seen a view as beautiful as this. It had so much greenery, mountains, water, paddy fields along with the wind blowing. All of this in one frame. Couldn’t believe what we were seeing in front of us.


Ankita wanted to go for a bouldering trek which kind of got fulfilled here. She even spotted a tree on which every leaf had a name written on it. It was something unique and what we experienced next was even better. We saw that it was raining everywhere  in Hampi except over this temple. It was on such a height that it didn’t rain here. We could feel just a few drops on our faces that’s all.

Well, the 600 steps were totally worth it.

Visiting the Monkey Temple with our very own monkey, Ankita. It was definitely worth a lot more.

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