How we planned our trip to Bali, Indonesia

The best way to plan your trip to Bali, Indonesia

Spending 4 days in Bali will be one of the most memorable, and epic adventures in your entire life!  Complete with postcard-perfect beaches, unbelievably delicious cuisine, and incredibly welcoming hospitality – it is definitely one of the most happening and safest places to visit. While it wasn’t a very long vacation, it definitely covers most parts of Bali in Indonesia. It is a must visit place.

Truthfully – we simply love travelling and if we can help you plan your trip nothing would makes us happier. I’m hoping that this plan helps you take away some of the stress you might have about planning your trip!

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Day 1: Book your flight tickets

The first thing we did was book our flight tickets to Bali. We looked at a few websites and finally booked from Also, in comparison to all the others, easemytrip gave us cheaper tickets. 

Our return tickets costed 25K with a layover at Kuala Lumpur. All flights for Bali either take a halt at KL or Singapore. 

We took a 9 hour halt at KL in the hope that we would go visit the Petronas Tower in KL. We started doing our research for Visa on arrival at KL in case we decide to explore the city for a while and if not go out then hotels we could stay at during our halt. We were prepared for both options. 

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What we did during Transit at Kuala Lumpur Airport

Take a hotel for 5 hours. There is one hotel at the airport on the first floor called Sama- Sama hotel that gives options to book a room for 5hours, 7 hours and 11 hours depending on your requirement. You may even opt for a room with meal or without meal.

The other option is take a transit pass from the airport which would cost you $ 1000 and go explore the city. Be back in time for the flight.

We chose the option of staying at the SAMA SAMA Hotel at the KL airport. You can look at the hotel prices and book at

Post our 5 hour rest at the hotel, we explored the airport. The KL airport is a massive one with so many cafes, restaurants, shops to explore from. We took approx 300 Malaysian Ringgits for our layovers both going to Indonesia and returning. A meal at the airport is approx 50 MYR and the stay would cost 150-200 MYR for a double room.

Day 2: Look for Hotels to stay on Airbnb and

We looked for some really nice stays on Airbnb as it is one of most famous platforms where you can find all types of places based on your requirement. We booked a hotel in Seminyak, Bali which was close to the Main Street just 2kms from the beach and a km from all the restaurants, lounges, beach clubs etc. The average cost of stay in Bali would be approx 3000-4000 Rs per night.

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Day 3: Look for places to visit

Next, we looked up some articles posted by travel bloggers for things to do in Bali and places to visit. By reading enough articles, we already knew we wanted to take a tour to the Nusa Penida Island to explore the four beaches, visit the Ubud Market for some shopping, go to Kuta for partying, roam the streets of Ubud. 

For places like Nusa Penida and Gili Islands, we needed to book a tour. After careful research, we decided to book the tour once we reached Bali. 

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Day 4: Look for travel options in the city

Most people would rent a scooty in the city which would be the most affordable and convenient thing to do. With us it had to be different, none of us knew how to ride a scooty so we had to look for alternatives. 
Now, we could have rented a car but we need an international driving license for that and as luck favored, we didn’t have that either. The second option was to go to the nearest police station and get a temporary driving license but we found a better way, rent a cab. We downloaded Grab and booked a cab whenever we wanted to travel. 

Pro -tip 1:

Learn to travel light, carry only essentials. We travelled with a cabin baggage for a 4 day trip. 

Pro -Tip 2:

Just pick a place you want to go to, book flight tickets and your planning has begun. That’s how we plan.

This is how we planned this trip. Planning is relative and may vary from place to place. Please do share your planning tips with us in the comment section below.

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