Life is too short – Keep Calm & Travel

Why do you like to travel?

What is it that you give up or weigh against when you decide to travel?

We would like to tell you what we think before we decide to travel and what are the odds we weigh it against in this blog and this is subjective to everyone’s surroundings and situations.

We are working professionals between the age 25- 30 years and for the first thought when we even think of travel is whether we have enough VACATION DAYS or not. Believe it or not, the cost of the trip isn’t even that important for us than the vacation days. Nonetheless, we still go ahead and travel even if we have to get a salary cut for the vacation days we took.

The second most important thing we weigh our travel against is our SAFETY , we look for options that are safer for women to travel. Safety is important as it has a lot to do with whether or not you’ll be able to explore the city at night or early morning. Whether you’re safe taking the public transport or talking/indulging with the public there. These are some of things one must keep in mind before picking a place. Again, this is subjective, for us it is the second most important but for you it may be first or even not on the list.

The third thing we weigh our travel against is the PRICE. It’s safe to say that most if not all of us are on a budget. We all have a travel budget for a year or for every vacation we take. So are we! We usually chalk out a budget first before we start to plan the trip. You may even come down to changing the destination if it goes out of budget. You’ll just be like – we’ll go there later. And, add it to your bucket list. Similarly, we have a huge bucket list that we’re ticking off one by one. 

Fourth on our list would be the DESTINATION OPTION : Beach or No Beach. We personally prefer relaxing by the sea. This again would be subjective to your likes & dislikes and the current weather in your city.

Fifth on our list is the CROWD. What kind of crowd do we want to encounter at our preferred destination. Do we want to explore a less explored place or we want to go to a touristy destination with a relatively crowded area. We’ve all wondered that at some point. This point would eventually narrow down your options to the one you want to go. 

Once, you have the destination in mind. Like the topic suggests go ahead, Keep Calm & Travel. 

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Below our some of pictures from when we decided to just travel. Let us know of some incidents when you just decided to travel anyway.