Kayaking in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

This was the highlight of our 3 day trip to Krabi, Thailand. One of the best kayaking places in Krabi is the Bor Thor village known for its natural landscapes and fascinating river routes.

The best thing about this place is that it will give a chance to experience cave kayaking in Krabi. The bor thor village has will give you a chance to experience cave kayaking. Some of these caves are open for kayaking giving it an extra edge over other experiences. You will get a chance to kayak through the caves.

For all the adventurers, the thrill seekers and the risk takers like us, you’re in for a treat ~ Kayaking in ao nang Krabi is an altogether breath taking experience.
From the time we booked the experience to actually sitting on the kayak, and rowing in open waters, we were overwhelmed.

How did we book the experience?

We were staying at the Dusit Thani Resort and booked at the front desk. It costed us 1500 bhat per person which included pick up and drop from the hotel along with lunch after kayaking. They served authentic Thai food for lunch.

How to get to the Kayak point?

Some travelers with us had rented cars from Discover Car Hire and went till the kayak point in their cars. We personally recommend renting a car as the roads are beautiful, you can witness sea on one side of the road. It’s an altogether different feeling driving on these roads. The car rental from discover car hire for a Toyota Yaris 5d Automatic will cost you approx $70 for three days.

We took a package with pick up and drop so the cab came to the hotel. It is not a private cab and had a few more pick ups after us before we finally hit the road.

How long did it take to reach the kayak point?

It took us an hour from our resort to get to the kayak spot. We were given bottle of water on our way. The view all along was amazing as we crossed roads with the sea on one side. Some places, we were surrounded by beautiful mountains. It was one beautiful journey

Do you get to Row the Kayak yourself?

Yes, you do. They usually suggest that you row it yourself. But you can even ask for a professional to row along like we did. The professional will cost 400 Bhat for the entire trip.

Does the group stay together?

The group stays together but it actually depends on your speed as well. Like we were usually behind all as we were relatively slow. Some pictures below to suggest that –

Exploring the 3000 year old caves The kayak stops at the caves and the group leader shows you around explaining the history in detail. 
Due to high tide some caves got submerged in water so we kayaked through them bumping into each other. The path through the caves was slim so we had to slow down. There were paintings on the wall of the caves that are 3000 years old.

After exploring the caves, all of us took a u turn and got back to the starting point for lunch and that was the end of a three hour kayaking experience.

How safe is it?

It’s pretty safe actually since all the kayaks stick together and the group leader takes care that everyone is around.
You’re at all times wearing the life jacket. 
No there are no crocodiles. Even we were skeptical at first but we didn’t find any. 

How is the overall experience?

You will discover narrow inlets, hidden pools and caves in your kayak at Krabi. The beautiful colors of the sky and the reflection in the water with never ending water in front of you.

Pro tip: It will be one of the best experiences, Go for it.