Gate of Heaven, Lempuyang Temple | Bali

Bali - The Gates of Heaven

The temple gate, and the gate also known to the western world as “The Gates of Heaven”.

We started our day early at 8 am to reach ahead of time. We had some idea about it being crowded but had no idea that an hour long line awaits us.

The entire landscape looks very picturesque.

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How to get to the Pura Lempuyang Temple?

You can get there by both cabs & buses, however, bus would take a longer route and a lot more time so we took the cab.

The cab from Seminyak to Lempuyang Temple in Bali costed us 6,00,000 Indonesian Rupiah. It was the two of us and we had bargained this price down from 750,000 Indonesian Rupiah.

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How did we find a cab in Bali?

We booked cabs from the Grab app everyday and spoke to the driver about places to visit in Bali. We took price quotes from all of them and then booked one. He shared his number with us and was exactly on time at our hotel the day we wanted to visit the heavens gate.

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The gate of heaven Bali

How long was the journey from Seminyak to Pura Lempuyang temple?

We started at 8 am from our hotel and we reached the heavens gate at 11:30 am. So it was a long journey but a beautiful one. We’re from India and the driver played some really good bollywood music which made our journey even more memorable. He had a good music collection and had so many stories to tell us. We had a great time.

Is there parking at the gate of heaven temple, in Bali?

There is parking available at the temple but it is 2 kms before the temple and you will find jeeps that take you up to the temple gate. The jeep costs 10000 Indonesian Rupiah per person. They leave you 500 meters before the temple gate.

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How to dress for the temple?

To our surprise, there was a dress code for the temple. They provide you a Sarong at the gate if you are not carrying one.

The Sarong costs 5000 Indonesian Rupiah. You have to wear it over your dress or pant.

Apart from this, if you are wearing something that doesn’t cover your shoulders then they give you a shawl to cover it up which is free. Like in the picture below –

The gate of heaven Bali
The shawl was given by the temple authorities and doesn't it look amazing in the picture!!

Pura Lempuyang Temple Opening Hours

Pura Lempuyang Temple is open for visitors daily from 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM, however for worship purpose it is open for 24 hours daily.

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How long is the line for the famous picture of the heavens gate?

We waited an hour in the line. There are two people sitting there who are from the temple who click the picture for you. You just have to hand them your phone or camera when your turn comes.

They give you 5 poses each in the center and then you can collect your phone/camera and give them some money anything you wish. We gave them 5000 Indonesian Rupiah each.

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Best time to visit the Temple?

The best time to visit is during the day before sunset, as the view is absolutely breathtaking.

Or as early as possible during sunsrise so you can take better pictures with less crowd even no crowd at all.

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Things to Know Before Visiting Pura Lempuyang Temple

When visiting any temples in Bali, both men and women should wear a sarong, scarf or sash tied around the waist, and here are the important things you should to know –

  • Wear a sarong while visiting this temple complex, and make sure bare knees and shoulders are not visible.
  • Pura Lempuyang Temple is a very religious Hindu temple so any form of kissing in public is seen as scandalous.
  • Don’t take photos directly in front of worshippers.
  • Don’t Step Over or Tread on Offerings – Small offerings called canang sari are often left on the ground. Palm leaves are woven into a small box and flower petals herbs, money, snacks are inside. These offerings are to appease the spirits. Be careful where you’re walking.

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lempuyang temple, bali
lempuyang temple, bali
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