Kayaking with Tanaz in Havelock – Get enchanted by the Bioluminescence and Star Gazing!!!

Kayak over the Andaman Sea after the sun has set on this exception night Kayaking Tour by Tanaz. Experience the calm of the sea by the stars and learn about the galaxy. Spend two hours paddling in the backwaters amongst the Mangroves in Havelock. Spot the north star from the Orions belt, indulge in star gazing and pointing out constellations and be enchanted by the glowing bioluminescence – giving you a memory of a lifetime

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Book your spot a month in advance. For booking you can drop her an email on tanaznoble@gmail.com and let her know when would you like to book for. She will confirm your booking on email and give you her number.u00a0

Her instructions for the day of the Kayak would beu00a0

1. Reach at 5:30 pm at the Big Bite Restaurant near the jetty in Havelock Island

2. Come and have fun!!

3. Time: 2.5 hours of Kayaking after the sun has set

4. Cost: Rs 3600 per person to be paid in Cash after the Kayaking


On the Day of Kayaking

Tanaz will receive you at the Big Bite Restaurant. She won’t be hard to find as she has a very overwhelming strong personality. She rides a bicycle, so you’ll spot her easily. She will take you to her locker which is a small hut from where the Kayak starts.u00a0

You may keep all your belongings safely in the hut. She will give you a bottle of water for the Kayak trip which you can keep in your kayaks.u00a0

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Instructions Before Kayaking

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Once she helps in putting the Kayak’s in water. She will take you on the side, hand you the paddle and teach you how to row. The things she will teach you –

  1. Front rowing
  2. Back rowing
  3. How to Stop
  4. Instructions if you tip overu00a0
  5. How to balance yourself on the Kayak

Preparing for Kayaking

Once you have learned how to row, she will help you sit in the kayak one by one and let you in the water and ask you to row backwards so you stay where you are.u00a0

She will help others in and then start the tour. It is a 2.5 hours night Kayaking tour that is a experience of lifetime

The Ultimate Kayaking Experience with Tanaz

The first thing you will notice is the Bioluminescence in water. Tanaz will ask you to do a back row to see the light in the water. That was the highlight of the tour. Every time you slow down, you will see everyone in the group playing with the light in the water that is generated with the nitrogen that is highest near the Mangroves. The bioluminescence provides oxygen to the nursing fishes near the Mangroves.


We spotted the Saturn & Jupiter planets as soon as we started the tour. They were apparently very easy to spot for anybody who knows about stars. 


Fun Fact: Stars have combustion, Planets don’t. Stars shine due to that combustion and planets don’t


There was so much we learned about the Zodiac stars and how the stars shift their position 4 minutes to the west everyday due to the rotation of the earth. 

So far, the best way to educate someone, it’s fun and adventurous. 

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