Where to travel in Vietnam for a week

How to plan your trip to Hanoi, Danang, Trang An and Hoi An in Vietnam?

We began planning our trip to Vietnam in December and the dates we chose for our trip was 21st to 28th March, 2020. It was an all  girls trip where we wander off into the beauty of Vietnam for an entire week without a worry.

Unfortunately, everyone around the world was faced a crisis situation. The COVID 19 pandemic hit us and we had to cancel our trip. Nonetheless, we had planned our entire trip. Hoping that some day, we will get to visit Vietnam

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When to travel to Vietnam?

We always pick a month which is comfortable to travel without disturbing our budget. We usually book 3 months in advance which means the first month we pay for the tickets, the second month is booking all hotels and cars, the third month, the travel month we keep our savings for spending on the trip.

Same way, we booked our tickets in December with Vietjet airline from Delhi to Hanoi. The return tickets costed us INR 18,000 which included 7 kg cabin baggage and we took an additional travel insurance of INR 500.

What are the places to Visit in Vietnam?

Below are the places to visit in Vietnam and even though most of these places are quite far from each other we girls managed to plan an itinerary that would cover all these places. Here is the list of places to visit in Vietnam

  • Hanoi ( Train Street, Old Quarters, Beer Street, Market Street, lake)
  • Trang An
  • Halong Bay
  • Golden Bridge
  • Hoi An
  • An Bang Beach
  • Da Nang

Well if you look at this list Hanoi and Golden Bridge are at least 1000 kms apart. We had no idea how to achieve this. This is how we planned our perfect vacation out.

Day 1: 22nd March

According to the plan, we reach Hanoi at 5:20 am on 22nd March. We had decided to visit the train street early in the morning directly from the airport so that we could get nice pictures for our instagram profiles (Wink). Our plan for the day included visiting the Old Quarters, Lake, Market Street, Beer Street and some cute cafes on train street on the same day.

Hanoi is famous for taking walking tours as everything is very close. In about 4 hours, we would be done with Hanoi as they say. We booked an Airbnb to stay in Hanoi till 24th Morning. Our Airbnb was on the main train street and that is where you should stay if you want to feel the true Vietnamese culture. Our Airbnb costed INR 2084/night. See pictures below

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Airbnb in Vietnam
Day 2: 23rd March

We would head off to Trang An which is a beautiful Canal with three routes. After careful research, we decided to take the Route 1 Kayaking tour at Trang An. Trang An is less famous but more adventurous. To reach Trang An from our hotel in Hanoi we had spoken to the Airbnb Owner and she arranged a pickup and drop to Trang An.

The mountains are connected by rice paddies, not water. You can cycle to them, not sail. And – best of all – they are not full of foreign tourists. Such is the joy of a Trang An boat tour.

While it is possible to cycle, drive – or even walk – around the mountains, most people choose a Trang An boat tour to travel through some of the most scenic parts of the region.

Once you’re at the site, the ticket office is clearly marked. You buy a ticket for 200,000 dong (US$8.80) and then the staff will direct you to a boat. We board one of the small boats and it waits at the dock until all six seats are taken. It doesn’t take long because there is a steady stream of visitors coming here to take a ride.

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Day 3: 24th March 

The day when we left for Halong Bay for our 1 night cruise. One of the things we came to Vietnam for was falling asleep to the sound of water and waking up to the beautiful sunrise. We did not book this tour in advance as everything on Booking.com seemed so overwhelmingly nice so we decided to reach Hanoi and talk to some tour companies to book us a tour of Halong Bay. Plus we wanted to take the cruise route that goes from lesser crowded areas and has some activities attached to it like Kayaking, Snorkeling and all.

 Day 4: 25th March

Our Cruise would get over at 11 Am and we had our cab booked from the Cruise till the Airport at Hanoi. We had booked our flights from Hanoi to Da nang to go visit the Golden Gate Bridge. The flight costed us INR 4000 round trip.

We reached Da nang airport at 11 pm and had booked an Airbnb for one night in Da nang. The cost of one night was INR 1300 See pictures below

This is a picture from the Airbnb we planned to stay at
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Day 5: 26th March 

Since all of us our photographer/travelers/bloggers we wanted to see the Golden gate bridge as early as 7 am we booked a cab for early morning at 5 am that took us from our Airbnb in Da nang to Golden Gate Bridge.

Our plan post our visit to the Bridge was to roam about in Hoi An. It is said to be one of the most beautiful markets in Vietnam and has really pretty beaches.

After all the early morning visit and roaming on the streets we thought of staying in Hoi An itself. We booked another Airbnb but this one was a canal side property with activities like cycling and rowing on the property itself. The cost of one night was INR 1400

bathroom vietnam airbnb

Here are some other trips we have taken in the past:

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