How to become a Vegan in 30 days!

It’s time I let you in on a valuable & hidden fact.

What the scariest part is about becoming a vegan?? 

And the answer to that is, just your decision to turn into one, whatever your reason may be, whether it is for climate change or better health or even animal cruelty. The journey from here on is a walk in the park. Its day 70 of me deciding to go Vegan and I can proudly say that it took me about 30 days to go Vegan and another 30 days to find a way to sustain it.

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5 Tips on how to become a Vegan like its walk in the park

1. Always remember your end goal

It is essential that you keep yourself focussed and remind yourself why you began. Was it to do away with animal cruelty, or to save the future of our planet? What ever the reason, keep it in mind, maybe write it some place where you can see it multiple times in a day!

Remember your end goal! It is the key to success for your journey to Veganism

2. Ask before you eat

More often than not, we are never aware of what we are eating and tend to get lazy looking at any food that’s mouth watering like Pizza’s, Burgers, yogurt etc. 

It is essential that you always cross check what ingredients went into your food. It never hurts to ask the chef at the restaurant or anyone else who cooked as to what they used. Trust me it makes all the difference. 

I now have a habit of always asking what the ingredients are and hence always make an informed decision. 

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3. Begin with leaving one thing at a time

Leave one thing at a time, start with meat if that’s easier or with Dairy or even with just maybe leaving that one glass of milk a day!

I started with meat and those 2 cups of tea I had everyday! Oh it made all the difference in the world, after the tea I left eating Cheese and Paneer one week after the other, and then it just got easier. In 30 days, my diet was meat and diary free. 

4. Take it Slow

If 30 days isn’t enough time, take it slower. Set targets for yourself, and make sure the targets are small, yet challenging. 

This doesn’t mean that you set a target of “Il stop eating meat and diary in 30 years”, by slow I mean take 3 months if that’s what is easier for you. 

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5. Don’t give up

Even if you mess up, don’t give up. Slowly you will realise its a piece of cake! 

Don’t burden yourself with your mistakes, they don’t define you, and never will. No matter what the world thinks! 

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And those were my 5 top tips on How to become a  Vegan. 

Honestly if I can do it in 30 days, anyone can. I used to be a hardcore meat eater, be it chicken or beef or pork or prawns and even dairy. Now that I think of it, my diet was about 30-40% dairy consumption. 

Just believe in yourself and your hard work will pay off. 

In my next post, I am going to talk about what happened once I turned vegan. 

You can also refer to The Vegan Society for some more tips.