The DIY-itinerary is basically a gist of what we would do if we went for a trip to a place and how we would plan our days.

You will find options for stays for 2-8 people for different budgets with links to book.

Links for cafes and places to visit within the day by day schedule. What to do at what time. Most of these are places we have been to, so be sure to know that what we recommend and talk about it, is what you will actually see.

Also cost will be mentioned For cafes for meals for 2 and places to visit and how to get there.

You can find all the itineraries here:

We also do custom itineraries incase you need it to be catered to your requirement.


The charges for Custom DIY-Itinerary for domestic travel within India begin from ₹1699 onwards, depending on the total no. of days.

Please let us know what all you need from the below

1. Stay
2. Places to eat
3. Places to visit
4. Day by Day plan

For Stays, we will provide you 5-7 options for your budget and no. of people. You will need to make bookings on your own.
For places to visit and eat, we will provide you places to visit, depending on where your are going and what there is to see

For places to eat, we will provide you options depending on areas you will be visiting.

If you require a Day by Day itinerary, we will provide you a schedule starting 9AM onwards, with places to see, cafes you can eat at, with their budgets for meal for 2 people as well as how to get there.


The process is very inclusive. We even help you decide the destination, if needed. Throughput the process we will be in touch with you to ensure all your needs are catered to. It takes us up to 3 working days to make an itinerary, based on how busy we are6